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Doesn’t your fridge freeze? Know the possible causes

Created in 1913, domestic refrigerators did not take long to fall in popular taste. From the simplest to the most intelligent, refrigerators can be considered as a basic need. After all, how could we preserve food any longer without this marvel of modern man?
But over time the night star fades, gets old. When we least expect it, that weekend meal doesn’t get cold and despair knocks on the door. Therefore, we list 10 possible causes of the problem that can help you in this situation:

1. Thermostat

Some older refrigerators have a rotary knob with the name Thermostat and whose main function is to adjust the temperature inside the freezer. If it is at a lower number, increase it. This may be enough for your refrigerator to work normally.

2. Old rubber
Rubber is a material that is located on the refrigerator door and its main function is to seal the appliance and prevent cold air from escaping. If there is wear, leakage will be inevitable and the electricity bill will be more expensive. For, if there is leakage, the device will understand that it is necessary to produce more, overloading it.
To solve this, you should buy a new rubber and change it as soon as possible.

3. Dirty condenser

In order to better understand what it is about, it is that place where many people have the habit of hanging wet robberies. Through these tubes the gas is distributed by the refrigerator and thus it can exchange heat with the environment. If they are full of dust, it will not happen. In that case, it is recommended that you clean the condenser of the refrigerator whenever possible.

4. Gas leak
When you start to notice that the food in the bottom of the refrigerator does not freeze, it may be out of gas. Like any normal refrigerator, the gas passes from top to bottom. If there is a leak, the first thing that will happen is the plate at the bottom to stop freezing. At first this is not very noticeable, but in time only the freezer will freeze. In that case, it is necessary to call a technician, only he will be able to touch the inside of the refrigerator to detect the leak.

5. Dirty filter

When the day is very dirty, many people become like their nose is clogged with impurities. Refrigerators are no different. In this case, the Filter Dryer is the one that clogs, which helps in the condensation of the air. Dirt stops the gas and makes it difficult to cool the bottom of the refrigerator. If this happens, only a technician can solve your problem.

6. Burnt resistance

In refrigerators there is a cold plate that helps in cooling the appliance. Whenever the condenser turns off, the resistance of this plate must cause it to heat up, causing the accumulated ice to melt. The problem arises when the resistance burns and this plate is no longer able to melt the ice. With large accumulation, it is difficult to exchange heat with the external environment. Thus, the food cannot be kept well. In that case, only a technician can better identify your problem to fix.

7. Have you tried everything?

If even after reading these tips, have you tried everything and not even the meal you had prepared for the weekend froze? Then it’s time to replace your fridge with a new one.

Source: Digital newspaper ” O imparcial”

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