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At Jimo, we are concerned with the current situation in the country and the world, so this message serves to inform, without great alarmism, that we are implementing some important measures as a way to proactively contribute to the control of this pandemic, thus protecting all our employees, suppliers and customers.

We also inform you that until now all production and delivery activities remain unchanged, but based on some restrictions:

  • All loading and unloading will have to be carried out at our facilities with advance notice of the scheduled date and time, and failure to comply with it will prevent them from being carried out;
  • We limit face-to-face visits to what is strictly necessary, privileging contacts via phone and / or email;
  • We suspend any face-to-face meeting with suppliers, partners and customers, they should be replaced whenever possible by video conference.
  •  We suspend any visit of our commercials to our customers’ facilities;
  • We clarify the whole team about what the virus is, ways of transmission and preventive care;
  • For the protection of all, we provide bottles of antiseptic gel in all common areas, being properly disinfected whenever necessary;
  • We adopted the no kiss – no hands policy, just a nod and a smile;

We believe that these are responsible and necessary measures and that is why we count on the help of everyone in order to minimize possible risks to ours and your health. Because right now we depend on each other and our well-being is also your well-being.
One for all, all for one!


Jimo Cooling Technology