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11 Reasons to opt for R-407F when purchasing refrigerant gas when purchasing hotel equipment (2nd part)

We are back to the second part of our article on the 11 reasons to choose R-407F gas when purchasing hotel equipment.

For those who have not yet read the first part of this article, you can find it here. Those who have already done so will now discover the 11 advantages of using the R-407F refrigerant gas.

Previously we mentioned the different types of gases most common in industrial refrigeration. There are many industrial companies that choose the R404A refrigerant gas, however, it faces environmental issues that call into question its application, since they contribute to the global warming launched into the atmosphere.

Currently, there are more sustainable alternatives on the market, such as the R407F and R449A. Second, Nick Williams, general manager of Precision, the largest commercial refrigeration equipment company, “This is an important development – a viable, safe, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to the R404A”.

This gas has numerous advantages, of which the following stand out:

  1. Low global warming potential;
  2. High energy efficiency;
  3. Reduction of the compressor discharge temperature in medium and low temperature conditions;
  4. Reduction of carbon emissions with a global warming potential lower than R404A gas by 50%.
  5. Possibility of being applied in new or used installations.
  6. It has a 10% greater energy reduction than R404A gas.
  7. It does not damage the ozone layer.
  8. Compatible only with synthetic POE oils.
  9. In case of leakage, the equipment can be refilled.
  10. Discharge temperatures lower than R-22, which prolongs the compressor’s life.
  11. Superior cooling capacity and energy efficiency similar to that of the R-22.

The shift from R404A to R407F gas is in line with Jimo’s commitment to creating comprehensive solutions based on sustained growth, reducing the impact of refrigeration on the environment.

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