Bain Marie and Hot Cupboard

The Bain Marie and the Hot Cupboard are prepared to maintain an ideal temperature and humidity of the food. So the meals maintain an appetizing appearance for a longer time. The resistors are located outside of the containers for easier cleaning and maintenance of these self service catering equipment units.



Self Service Catering Equipment, Jimo Servit, Hot Cupboard, Bain Marie


Easy Cleaning Due the Round Finishings


Aisi 304 18/8 Stainless Steel


Resistors Located Outside of the Wells


Forced Heated Air Circulation at Cupboard


Various Decorations Available









- AISI 304 18/8 Stainless Steel

- CFC Free High Density PU Insulation

- Resistors Are Not in sight

- Rounded Finishings

- Adjustable Height of the Feet

- GN 1/1 or Multiple Containers

- Wells With 200mm Depth

- Forced Air Circulation at Hot Cupboard

- Temperature Controll By Digital Thermostatic


- Granite Working Top

- Infrared Board

- Glass or Stainless Steel Shelves

- Tray Slides

- Wheels

- Granit or Stainless Steel Baseboard

- Various Decorations For Front Panels


Internorga 2017

Internorga 2017

              JIMO S.A. was at Internorga from 17th to 21st of...












































































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Best cold, best quality

Best Cold Best Quality

Best Cold Best Quality

We know that on foodservice industry the are...

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