Patisserie Cold Display PURE

The Refriferated Counter Display PURE. A good example of functionality combined with a simple and appealing design. Pure makes your products the star of your business. With an optimal cooling capacity this vitrine preserves the texture and freshness of delicate flavors. It can also be customized to fits any space and decor.

Pure is our recipe for your success. Click here o que os nossos clientes dizem da PURE and know what our customers say about PURE

patisserie counter display, pure


+ Cold

The Ventilated Cold System and the Acrylic Rounded Doors Keep the temperature uniform in Whole Exhibition Area

+ Design

The PURE is Designed To Drive All Eyes For Exposed Products

+ Options

Set the Height of the Glass, the Color, the Materialz, the Measures and Much More

+ Exhibition Area

The Exhibition Plan is Ready For 400x600mm Trays

+ Experience

For More than 18 Years Producing the Best Commercial Cold 


- Leveling Feet

- Insulation Obtained High Density PU Injection

- High Exposure Surface With No Shelves or Low With 2 Shelves

- Automatic Evaporation of Defrosting Water

- AISI 304 18/8 Stainless Steel Exposure Plan and Structure

- High Performance Ventilated Cold on Exposition

- Static Cold on Reserve

- Quartz Compound on Working Top and Plinth

- LED lights on the Exhibition and Plinth

- Lacquered Decoration at Any RAL


- AISI 304 18/8 Stainless Steel Plinth and Working Top

- No Refrigerated Storage

- LED Light on Exposition Only

- No Decoration

- Castors



 refrigerated pastry vitrine, jimo pure  pastry cold cabinet, jimo pure, prepared 400x600 trays  high exposition, 3d cold counter display, jio pure
Refrigerated Pastry Vitrine PURE  Prepared For 400x600 Trays High Exposition Surface 3D


Internorga 2017

Internorga 2017

              JIMO S.A. was at Internorga from 17th to 21st of...

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