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The best way to preserve and exhibit your meat

Refrigerated Showcase, Bucters Meat, Jimo Eleita

Nowadays butchers and supermarkets face strong competition from large surfaces. To win this battle retailers have been bet on quality meat, personalized customer service and space modernization.


Refrigerated Showcase, Jimo Eleita, Column FeetSo they have search for the best products, give greater attention to the customer’s needs and demand the best refrigeration equipment.


Only with good and versatile equipment it´s possible ensure presentation and quality of the meat and create an engaging space for the client.


Thinking on these challenges we present our refrigerated display cases for meat. With a focus on design and functionality they are designed to facilitate your daily life. 

Refrigerated Showcase,jimo eleita, hydraulic glasses




A good reserve capacity, special lighting for meat and the best Jimo cold system Jimo guarantee the best presentation and preservation of your meat. The option for hydraulic glass and column feet helps you to keep your butcher clean.


The 45º or 90º angles (rounded or chamfered) and support module allow the best fit for every space.  With various decorations, materials, colors and shapes you may have the showcase that you always wanted.




Know all the models and features on Serve Overs page!

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