Compressor Unit

Originally, the compressor unit is located on the right side of the equipment but you can change it. All you need is to mention it on your budget request. 


Independent Compartments

Counter refrigerator and refrigerated cabinets may have separate compartments that work independently. Each compartment has its own compressor. With this system there will be no compressors overheat which avoids the deterioration and subsequent malfunction of the refrigeration equipment.

Another advantage of this construction system for catering equipment is in case of failure of one compressor, the other one will continue operating, allowing that the stored food retains its properties.


Jimo Refrigeration Equipment Construction



The hinges used on our doors have an automatic return that is triggered when the opening angle exceeds 95 degrees. The hinges also apply a constant pressure when the door is closed. Thus minimizing the temperature loss and improving energy efficiency.

Originally, the door handle is located on the left side but you also can change the opening direction of all doors, all you need is to mention it on your order. 

The sealing rings used on the doors of our refrigeration equipment are made from flexible PVC, free from heavy materials like PBB and PBBE, according to Directive 2002/95/EU and 2003/11/EU.

They are composed by a triple chamber of insulation. Through our harpoon system, their placement or replacement is extremely easy.



The insulation of our refrigeratioin equipment is made by the injection of high density PU. So we guarantee the lowest heat loss through the walls of equipment and lower energy consumption.

Insulation Thickness (density = 40 kg/m3)


We create perfect solutions that allow to keep your food healthy and with the right humidity. This is the confidence that you need from your professional kitchen supplier.


Internorga 2017

Internorga 2017

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